Alex is from Italy. He is an Italian. Therefore, he is situated in the country of Italia. This means that Alex was and still is of Italian Citizenship. This, obviously means that he speaks the language that is Italian. He also has an Italian accent. He likes video games and wrestling. He probably likes more stuff than that but I can't be bothered to ask him what he likes. He was born somewhere in Italy. He does things. He sometimes eat his shampoo, strawberry flavour preferably. He also wash his hands after eating apples, meaning that he isn't the one who stinks. He likes also chicken flavoured steroids. That information has been given by one of his friends who wants to keep the name "William Kingdom" anonymous.

Alex is a really funny guy. He stands up for everything he believes in and he believes in a lot of things.He, just like Cam, is someone you can count on. He is also the man you can't see on the stream but you can hear him. Maybe that's his way of making a tribute to John Cena. The man is also in a Wrestling show named "Forever A Movement" in which he participates under the name BlackHeron, and he is one of the most, if not THE most entertaining wrestler on the roster. Aside from that, he is a huge Plants Vs Zombies fan. Alex is one person you really want in your life, because he's one of the nicest person on the Earth. You can also find him on Twitter : @RealBlackHeron