Cameron Bash is a guy from London. Honestly, it's the only thing you need to know about him. His name and where he comes from. And probably the fact that he likes Call of Duty, but not like "Yeah I like Call of Duty" more like " WANNA 1v1 ME BRUH ?". He is also the man we see on the stream, a really cool guy, wearing a bandana which changes color from time to time it depends if he washes it or not. Cameron has also done many things for the FunBreak community like raising money for a new webcam and raising money for a new LED Monitor, since his monitor cannot stop flickering.

Jokes aside, he is one wonderful human being. He's one in a million. This man also works with Forever a Movement (A wrestling show which consists of created wrestlers) and is a writer for the show. Cam is also a man who will help you if you're in need and he's someone you can count on. If you need anything you can find him on twitter @TheCameronBash.