Modern Sheep . . . He . . . (I can't believe I'm actually writing this) Modern Sheep is exactly what you think it is, a sheep. BUT he wears a hat! A wonderful and beautiful hat. He is one of the most famous on-stream characters because he provides of one the funniest banter there is. He also was the first person to donate to FunBreak, thank you sir for your donations. He is now at £50, making him the second highest donator. Even though this is no competition £50 is a lot. He is also the originator of every "Sheep-Meme" or "Sheep-Puns", like "Salida Del Sheep" and "Sweet Sheep Music" to name a few. He is also a proud member of the Hunter Family and one of their best acquisition.

Sheep is also a wonderful person, he loves to fool around with people on the streams. He is a veteran and an original in the FunBreak streams, meaning that whenever he shows up, everyone knows who he is and loves to see him. Sheep is one hell of a man, and you don't want to miss ANY, of his posts. You can find him on twitter with the @Modern_Sheep

It is said, that the reason that he joined the Hunter Family is because the Leader (Ryan Hunter) promised him a brand new hat. It is only a rumor at this point and we don't actually know if it's true or not.