Ryan Hunter (A.K.A. XTO_Beast) is one of the most loyal FunBreak fans and has the most donations on the Stream with a record breaking : £200 (To this day). He is (Quote from Alex himself) One of the most respected FunBreak community member. Ryan is also, the first ever Viewer of the Month for April 2016, he received that award during the May 1st stream in which he said himself, that he literally cried from the huge bowl of love from the chat, Cam and Alex. He is responsible for creating the Hunter Family which is an in-stream faction, or as he calls it a "Family" and he refers to its members as "Brothers".

He is also responsible for the infamous rivalry he has with FunBreak's own : Cameron Bash. Which all started with the Hashtag : #CamIsScaredOfRyan. Because on one edition of the stream, Cameron did not quite make it home to play WWE 2k16 against Ryan, which he said that the only reason the match did not happen, was because Cameron was so scared that he made sure to not make it to the stream. The feud is still going to this day.

Even though he likes to fool around with the feud and his god-like ability to trash talk, he's arguably one of the nicest persons in the community, and likes to help the fellow members out. Even when fooling around with the Hunter Family he considers every member of the community a part of his Family. If you need anything you can find him on twitter with the @XTO_Beast. And he also has a Youtube channel where he occasionally uploads videos, you can check out "TheRyanHunter" on Youtube.