ShadowDarkrai (accidentally revealing his first name by Liam) Is a Member of the Funbreak Community and one of the many people who has been there since the Start of the channel and even the streams eventually becoming a Moderator on the streams too from donating a total of £46, Shadow has also once taken part in the FaMniversary 3 Q&A Podcast a while ago with VictorSpades asking questions about FAM and the PPV.

Shadow Is also a current member of the Stream Faction The Hunter Family Where He is Regarded as "The Hunters Greatest Acquisition" By its Leader Ryan Hunter Due To Him Being One of the Last Members standing In matches that had other Hunter Family Members in it Such as the Battle Royale, The 6 Man tag match and The Tag Match With Derposaurus, However After a No Holds Barred Match With Cam, He was Forced to leave the Hunter Family where at the same time defecting to Team Funbreak In the process. This Has Since Kickstarted A Vicious Rivalry Between the two Former Brothers that truly began the day after the April 21st Stream on Twitter with their first fight breaking out in a 6 man ladder match. However This Rivalry came to its official end on the may 1st stream with Shadow Rejoining the Hunter Family in a shocking fashion alongside with Derposaurus.

Despite being the ignored one He tries to be there in the streams 24/7 and is on very good terms with Derposaurus and Ryan and would do anything to try and support the livestreams.

As of recent though, Due to the absence of Alex from the regular streams, Cam set up funbreak into a more community channel with TheMrDerposaurus & Darkrai Himself now streaming on the channel with darkrai streaming on Mondays at 7pm.