One thing that is really fun, is going on the stream and fool around LIVE with the FunBreak community. As of now, there are three time slots where they usually stream between. (Please note that all times listed are in GMT)

The first slot is between 4PM - 7PM , this slot is kind of a "Bonus" time slot, for things like DLCs and game releases. This is also the time slot they will use, if they want to stream that day BUT are unable to reach the "Main" show time.

The Main show and the second slot is between 8PM - 11PM ). This is the show that everyone knows, and love. In that time slot, they like to have a good conversation with viewers and will always play games that we, the viewers, can play along.

The last time slot is between 12AM - 3AM, and it is reserved for Lets Plays and Walkthroughs of different games. Similar to the main time slot in terms of chat interaction, but with a lot of focus on the game played.

So please, if you can come around during those time slots, come take a look. Even if you don't like the game that is played you can talk with other people and even with Alex and Cam themselves, and you can learn a lot of things from those people, and who knows ? Maybe you will fall in love with them like we did.

UPDATE: Due to Alex Being gone from the channel for an extended period of time, Cam changed the streams into a more community thing Where currently ShadowDarkrai and TheMrDerposaurus Are the only two guests to stream on the channel as of this moment with cam streaming Irregularly on them and The FaM PPV's Now airing on the channel.