TheMrDerposaurus A.K.A Daniel is one of the biggest FunBreak fans (self proclaimed but still true). He is known for his many projects that mainly revolve around FunBreak. He is one of the 3 guys that work on the FunBreak Wiki along with Ryan Hunter and ShadowDarkrai. He is also working on the FunBreak Video Game!

As well as working on numerous projects to do with FunBreak, he is currently writing and producing his own album independently. He has his own Music Channel on YouTube where he posts covers and other stuff Music related. He is also a massive gaming fan and is a part of a Gaming Channel.

But enough with the shameless plugins! He is a massive wrestling fan and an overall sports fanatic. If you ever check out the FunBreak Livestreams, you will probably see him around in the chat. He has been described by many to be a very nice guy and is very dedicated to doing what he loves.

As of recent though, Due to the absence of Alex from the regular streams, Cam set up funbreak into a more community channel with ShadowDarkrai and Derpo Himself now streaming on the channel with Derpo not set to a stream schedule.