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The Hunter Family is an in-stream faction made by XTO_Beast a.k.a Ryan Hunter and is compiled of himself, Malik, AmonDrake, HW, Criticlman, Jester & BigStang. Two (ex) former members of the group, ShadowDarkrai & MrDerposaurus left the team after Shadow fought against Cameron in a 1 on 1 No Holds Barred Match at the end of the April 21st Livestream where if ShadowDarkrai happened to lose, he would be forced to leave the Family which he did and Derposaurus said that if Darkrai is leaving, he is leaving too.

Their most "Famous" rivalry of sort is with FunBreak's Cam and Alex themselves. However with Darkrai officially Defecting to Team Funbreak on the April 26th stream it has kickstarted a rivalry between Ryan Hunter and ShadowDarkrai. With the feud being this new, the hatred between the two seems to have grown a lot since Ryan told Shadow on twitter that they did not need him. In fact, Ryan almost confirmed that the only reason they lost, is because of them not backing him. Since then, Ryan is always targeting Darkrai to make him pay for joining Team Funbreak.

However In a shocking twist during the May 1st Stream Derposaurus and Darkrai Dropped off of the Mat during the 6 man tag match rejoining the Hunter Family with Ryan saying in a twitch message, "Friends come and go, but Family is for life".

On the May 5th stream, during a video, it was revealed that the newest member of the Hunter Family was ModernSheep, one of the oldest members of the community. This led to Cam to sigh in pain. As Darkrai mentioned on twitter "We don't divide, we multiply".

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Stream Date


Matches Result Stipulation
May 1 2016 Cameron and Double D's (Darkrai and Derpo) Vs The Hunter Family (Ryan, AmonDrake & Critic) Hunters Win 6 Man Elimination Tag
Apr 21 2016 Cameron Bash vs ShadowDarkrai Cam wins Extreme Rules Match
Apr 21 2016 Alex and Cam Vs Derpo and Darkrai Cam and Alex win Elimination Tag Team Match
Apr 21 2016 Cam vs Alex vs Donaldjohn Vs Darkrai vs Appleface vs Ryan Cam wins Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Apr 18 2016 Team Funbreak (Cam, Alex and Vibi) Vs Hunter Family (Ryan, Derpo & Darkrai) (M) Team Funbreak Win 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Apr 18 2016 Alex vs Cam vs Derpo vs Darkrai vs Ryan vs Critic Ryan Hunter wins Money In the Bank Ladder Match
Mar 12 2016 Cameron Bash vs Ryan Hunter Cam Wins No Holds Barred

(M) - Funbreak Match of the Year Contender

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Ryan Hunter (Leader)









Dr. Crzy Dave





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Morgan C