About Vibi Flair Edit

Vibi Flair is the secret Identity That Vibi Creates Whenever the 2K16 streams call for him. This Character Was Officially created during the April 18th Livestream During the 6 man tag match where he tanked through everybody on the opposing to win the entire match, doing tactics that Ric flair would do like taunting on the outside and climbing out of the ring when Roman was going to hit either the superman punch or the spear, This created the character of Vibi Flair that on different occasions overtook the original Vibi himself.

One of his most famous rivalries is with the Hunter Family themselves due to him single handedly beating the remaining members of the hunter family during the 6 man tag match, this lead to him becoming the Sting to the Hunter Family's NWO where they try to get Vibi to join but he continues to fight them.

Aside from the 6 Man Tag Match two other matches he entered in was an Elimination Chamber match where he entered with his "Vibi > HunterFamily" Jacket and the May 1st LiveStream with the official Debut Of RF Styles in the place of an AJ styles CAW which in turn created a new faction for Vibi Called the WOOO-Let Club that has many supporters already, including some people from the Hunter Family, this has led to rumours (From no one) That Vibi Is a part of the Hunter Family.